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Prayer of the Rose

״תפילת הורד״ - פרוייקט הנצחה לזכר הזמרת והיוצרת ורד הררי -וצר

"The Prayer of the Rose" - A musical memorial project - in memory of the singer and musician Vered Harari-Wetzer.  

Shai produced and composed the album, as well as provided vocals, drums, and percussion.  


Shai also produced a concert at Beit Hayotser in Tel Aviv in January 2023 in memory of Vered Harari-Wetzer. (Video below)

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Canaanite Groove

Under the blazing sun, the hot sand invites your feet to dance to imaginative, original tunes, recreating the music which may have emerged from the Land of Canaan many years ago.


Canaanite groove burst onto Israel’s music scene at the World Jazz Festival in Tel Aviv, in 2006. With an enchanting blend of African, Yemenite, Ladino, Balkan and Middle Eastern sounds - coupled with sophisticated and talented musicians, Canaanite Groove offers a complete experience.


The song "Hashayara" was featured on an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles.

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Vered Harai-Wetzer

In addition to performing, Shai arranged and produced Vered Harari- Wetzer's album "Room For Two". 

The song "By Day - I Am Small" won 1st prize in The John Lennon Song Writing Contest, World Music category, in 2001.

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Leader, Drummer, Percussionist, concerts in Los Angeles, CA, Album: “Tanz Tanz Yedirlek”


Diaspora is a world jazz ensemble which revives ancient Jewish melodies by arranging them into global grooves which include: West African Djembe, Afro-Cuban Songo, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, European and modern Swing.  The ensemble "speaks" the international language of music through their recognition of variety of cultures and countries that are home fir Jews all over the world.  Their acoustic instruments include: frame drum, doumbak, bells, drums, double bass, piano and saxophones.  This innovative mixture of instruments, grooves and ancient Jewish melodies serve as a symbolic unification of a people scattered into the four corners of the earth.


The Visitors

The Visitors is a group of musicians from diverse backgrounds that create original music with the intention of bringing people from different cultures together through music.   


They met as the original band for "The Band's Visit" Broadway National Tour.  While on tour, they began getting together to play each other's music and started playing gigs in the various cities they toured through around the country; including, St. Louis, MO, Dallas, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, Cleveland, OH, Toronto, Canada, and more...


Information about The Visitors can be found at:

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