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*Photo Credit: Danny Sanderson. (2023, June 16). In Wikipedia.

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Danny Sanderson

Shai performed with Danny Sanderson from 1998 - 2016. In addition to concerts throughout Israel, Shai toured Germany, England, Brazil, Uruguay, and the USA. 


Danny Sanderson albums that feature Shai:

Black and White” (2004)

Ha’meitav” (2006)

Lo Yafrid Davar” (2009)

Mikan Haderech” (2017)

kaveret album cover.jpg


Shai performed with the legendary band Kaveret for "The Last Concert" in 2013. 

The live album became a certified Gold record. 

He can also be seen in the documentary DVD: “The Last Concert” (“HaMofa HaAcharon”).  

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Olearchik style cover.jpeg
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Alon Oleartchik

Shai recorded and performed with Alon Oleartchik from 1998 - 2016.  In addition to concerts throughout Israel, Shai toured Switzerland, South Africa, and USA.

Alon Oleartchik albums that feature Shai:

Once in the Galilee” (2002)

Oleartchik Style” (2011)

Once in the Galilee.jpeg
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israeliamericanorg 2015 concert.jpeg

Danny, Gidi & Friends

Shai performed with Danny, Gidi & Friends from 1998 - 2019. In addition to concerts throughout Israel, Shai toured the USA, Greece, Turkey, and Germany.

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Shai has been performing with Sandcatchers since 2018.  He can be heard on their 2024 album, The Lines.


More information about Sandcatchers can be found a

teapacks cover.jpeg


Shai performed numerous concerts and television appearances with Teapacks in 1998.


Shai is featured on the certified Gold record "Disco Maniak" ג׳וני מאר-דיסקו מנאייק

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