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Leader, Drummer, Percussionist, concerts in Los Angeles, CA, Album: “Tanz Tanz Yedirlek”


Diaspora is a world jazz ensemble which revives ancient Jewish melodies by arranging them into global grooves which include: West African Djembe, Afro-Cuban Songo, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, European and modern Swing.  The ensemble "speaks" the international language of music through their recognition of variety of cultures and countries that are home fir Jews all over the world.  Their acoustic instruments include: frame drum, doumbak, bells, drums, double bass, piano and saxophones.  This innovative mixture of instruments, grooves and ancient Jewish melodies serve as a symbolic unification of a people scattered into the four corners of the earth.

The album "Tanz Tanz Yedirlek" can be found on Spotify here: 

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